In-Floor Heating with Jet Plumbing & Heating!

In-floor Heating System Services & Installation

At Jet Plumbing and Heating our Grande Prairie plumbers are experienced experts at installing in-floor heating. Whether you want in-floor heating installed in one room or throughout your entire home we can handle the job. Jet plumbers install a system that is unique to your home and meets your needs and budget.

In-floor heating or radiant heating is becoming a more popular method of heating homes in the Grande Prairie area. In-floor heating provides a more even heating source in your home since it heats from the floor up and radiates up. On top of a more evenly heated home you also will get the benefit of a warm floor underneath your feet on a cold winter day.

In floor heating is typically installed at rough in state of a household due to the fact it is installed in the basement concrete floors or installed as in-joist heating if installed above grade. Another option for installing in-floor heating is running the piping above subfloor/concrete in a pipe system called Quik Trak, which gives you the option of install at more of a renovated state.

If you already have an in-floor heating system but it is not working to the standards you expect then it may require some repairs. Our Grande Prairie plumbers are experts at diagnosing and repairing any issue that your in-floor heating system may be facing. Let our experts get your in-floor heating system working the way you want it to, call us for your in-floor heating repairs today.

Radiant heating (in-floor heating) is the most comfortable and efficient way to heat your home. With heat distributed evenly throughout the entire room, no spot in the room is ever too cool, too hot, or too drafty.

  • Radiant heating systems are more efficient to operate than electric baseboard units because all of the heating energy is directed to the living space, not heating the air along the walls.
  • With no large amounts of air blown around the room, dust, pollen, and other contaminants are considerably reduced.
  • As there are no air vents or baseboard heaters in the room, you can arrange your furniture as you wish.
  • Radiant heating is silent and odourless
  • No regular cleaning of filters or ducts required
  • No outdoor venting required

Radiant VS Air Heating

Lots of people ask what’s the benefit from using a radiant floor heating system instead of warm air heating. The answer is that radiant floor heating is significantly better (up to 3500 times) than air at transporting energy. A home with a radiant floor heating system will be using less energy, and generally people feel much more comfortable even at a lower thermostat setting.

Using floor heating systems, you can evenly and constantly supply heat to your home for hours. The snow melting systems are also designed to evenly distribute heat throughout the coverage area for efficient functioning. The electrical under floor heating system supplies radiant heat consistently and efficiently without costing you and arm and a leg. Our specialists are always on call to answer any queries you may have about these energy efficient heating designs.

Our customer satisfaction standards are what keep Jet Plumbing & Heating going and we work round the clock to maintain the reputation of your reliable and caring partner for all your floor heating needs. Our products are designed with the needs of the client in focus and that is why our electric radiant floor heating system is such a best seller.

Heavy snow fall and extremely low temperatures means the need for constant and efficient heating indoors and outdoors as well. The electrical radiant floor heating system is the ideal solution for indoor comfort and ambient environments while the snow melt systems prevent build up of snow in all the wrong places like your driveway, parking lots or walkways.

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